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Server Rules

These Rules are in place to ensure the community has a safe and enjoyable play experience. The rules are outlined to clear up any confusion and provide a backing for Administrator actions. We are not trying to limit your playability or become Rule Nazis but we need to ensure that clear-cut boundaries are established for enforcement.

A single individual may only play a MAXIMUM of 3 characters at a time. You can make unlimited game accounts----it is against the rules to have multiple forum accounts. Multiple people in a household will require an IP exemption submitted via petition (either on forums or /guide, include any forum accounts involved). No exceptions, no excuses.


You will not exploit ANY bug or weakness in EverQuest/WFH or bypass event mechanics and you will not communicate the existence of any such exploitable bug (bugs that grant the user unnatural or unintended benefits in game), either directly or through public posting, to any other user of WFH except for staff members.

Be careful you know who you are trading with. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. We have trades monitored and logged. If a player has violated this, any and all trades prior to this suspension and character emptying are subject to reversal or items from trades being deleted.

2: Automation

AFK, The only afk sanctioned activities are sitting/standing doing nothing, trader mode (when bazaar is in), and bard songs in non-populated areas.

5/21/2020 update - Dummies are back in The Arena. Moving forward this is the ONLY place you will be allowed to semi-AFK skill up Melee skills (offensive and defensive); you still need to be available at the keyboard. Yes, this means /pet hold and /duel class with pet skilling up while AFK is no more. "I didn't know I could do that" will not be an acceptable answer. AFK factioning is 100% not allowed as well. Non-compliance will lead to account actioning. End 5/21/2020 update.

All automation software is banned. That includes Keyboard automation software (E.G. G15, Razer Synapse, Corsair software, etc.).

The general rule of thumb is. 1 Physical Input on a keyboard shall only produce 1 virtual input on only 1 client. E.G. No key mirroring. No mouse mirroring. No Macro software/hard to produce any combination of the above mentioned prohibited actions.

Software that is not allowed includes but it not limited to: InnerSpace, IS Boxer, MQ2 or any similar memory modifying software.

This is a zero tolerance policy and will result in a permanent ban

3: Client modifications

Alteration or use of said alterations of the EverQuest client or of the data it uses and stores in system memory, cache, or on your hard drive is prohibited and is subject to immediate ban, only 1 warning will be given for this offense. It is at the GM, Moderator, or Admin's discretion if a warning or instant ban is appropriate.

- You may change the graphic on the login and loading screens, however you may not change their functionality in the process.
- You also may use custom UIs in-game, provided the client's functionality is not changed, and the UI adheres to the rules of this server.
- You may replace or alter in-game textures provided the outcome is purely aesthetic, and does not alter gameplay at all. etc..., Turning a wall into a window is NOT aesthetic and is considered hacking/exploiting.

Use of any third party program used in conjunction with the EverQuest client is strictly prohibited with the exception of:

- STOCK FPS limiters
- STOCK builds of WinEQ2 Free
- STOCK builds of EQPlayNice
- STOCK builds of EQLindows - Added 6/12/2020
- Log parsing programs such as EQ Companion or Yalp are permitted.

Map programs are not allowed. If determined you have this running GMs will take actions on the spot.

4: Player or server disruptions

You may not disrupt the normal playability of a zone or area.

Zone/Area Disruption is defined as any activity designed to harm or inconvenience a number of groups rather than a specific player or group of players. This includes, but is not limited to:

- Shakerpaging/aoe'ing enough mobs to cause others to crash/zone crashes, or unplayable lag.
- Making excessive or inappropriate use of public channels of communications (/shout, /ooc, etc.).
- Intentionally or accidentally causing excessive zone latency or server bandwidth usage (using third party programs, creating excessive corpses, abusing spell effects, etc.)
- Purposely causing or attempting to cause world or a zone to crash.
- Causing or attempting to cause intentional experience, loot, or progress loss to other players (deliberately impeding fleeing players by blocking their escape route, intentionally training NPCs on other players, etc.) The exception to this, of course is consensual PVP play.
- Causing or attempting to cause scripts, events, or security measures to fail and/or have a result different than the one expected and/or written by the devs.
- Using large characters to block doorways, either large classes, toons on a horse, or growth spells.

5: Harassment and player to player interactions

Harassment (including sexual harassment) of other players, Server Operators, Developers, GMs, or Guides (hereby collectively known as server staff) is strictly prohibited. This includes in-game chat (including private channels), and any in-game action (included but not limited to: training NPCs, kill stealing, flag stealing, camp stealing, ninja looting, impeding movement), and any forum thread or PM here on the forums. Doxxing, or any such form of personal attack is prohibited. This is not a troll server if you wish to troll do it elsewhere. If you would like to report someone for harassment, please contact the staff.

No personal attacks, witch-hunts, or inflammatory language - Whether against any member/admin of this server, any other EverQuest server (Custom or Live) or any other social media EverQuest Community. Inciting harassment on any individual or group is not acceptable under any circumstances and will result in a ban. This includes (but is not limited to) doxxing, starting witch hunts, or making accusations or personal attacks that are either off topic or without evidence ("<X> is a hussy!" or "<X> is corrupt!"). While arguing is unavoidable, personally attacking individuals is never okay. Namecalling ("You're a moron."), bad implications ("Yeah, a troll would say that."), accusations ("You're just a shill!"), inflammatory language ("Anyone who thinks this is a moron!"), etc. are not helping anyone and should be avoided. Generally, keep your tone civil and try to avoid ad hominem attacks. This rule applied to both Administrative Staff and Users.

Retaliation against players or staff over submitted bug reports is strictly not allowed and will lead to suspensions or permanent bans. We strive to provide a clean path for all bug reporting without the fear of retaliation due to possible nerfs. There is no statue of limitations on this rule, if any direct negative action is taken against a player due to a bug report that was submitted, actions against the aggressing player, guild or other will be taken by staff.

Consensual PVP play is partially exempt to this, however deliberate or extreme cases of harassment is still prohibited. It is up to the GM's judgment whether the situation is deliberate or extreme. Corpse camping is not allowed in PvP.

6: KSing, Camps, Spawn claims

We encourage a play nice policy, for both general play and raids. This will limit the amount of GM interaction needed on a daily basis.
Please ask for a "camp check" when you enter zones and are looking to go to a specific mobset.
If someone has a mob engaged please do not try to "kill steal" it.
Work together with your fellow players to come to a resolution for camps and spawns.
GM intervention will happen if necessary, but try to avoid this at all costs as the result will not be favorable.
Groups can claim 1 camp. That camp must share with adjacent camps in the event that the zone is heavily populated. Camps cannot claim full zone camps even if their kill range extends that far.

7: Public Chat and names

Vile, profane, rude, offensive, or racist language, including common swear words, anatomical references, racial slurs, terrorism references, and homonyms (sound-alike) of such words are not allowed in any public communication channel. These channels are reserved for public viewing and should not contain messages that can insult or otherwise bother another player. Also including political arguments of real world issues that we all know can flare up into nasty confrontations.

Public is defined as Say, Shout, OOC, Auction, Alliance and Wayfarer's Haven Discord.

The above also applies to character names. Also any name that bugs the client will be changed..ie NPC names, zone names ect.(Karana, Veksar, Tunare) Any offending toon will have its name changed at a GM's discretion, or will be deleted.

8: Account limits

One forum account per person is the limit. Extra accounts for household members is subject to approval and will be monitored for violations of the 3 box limit.

Account sharing IS allowed with the following rules/exceptions to keep in mind:
That you are responsible for any actions taken on your account and for actions of those on their own account you have access.
Also, for those who are sharing an IP address you are responsible for everything that happens with your account being tied to any one particular IP, if records show that accounts were shared across that IP.
If one account or IP is guilty of something the Admins/Devs reserve the right to ban/suspend all accounts that have touched that IP address.

9: Bug reports, petitions, reporting

Please use /guide to report any issues in game that need immediate assistance, any other bugs you find please post on the forums.

10: RMT aka real money trading

Real world currency or currency transactions outside of the server and the discussion thereof are strictly not allowed on this service.
- Including any transactions done past present and future.
- By using this service you agree to hold harmless the service and staff of any and all disallowed transactions of this type.
- Account or character trading/selling is not allowed. No exceptions.

11: Interaction with staff and GMs

-Gms DO NOT reimburse accidental looting of items on wrong toons, nor do GM's reimburse accidental deleting of items.
GMs do not change the sex/race of characters.
Rules regarding interactions with GMs on their GM toon and/or play toons.
- Harassing tells for assistance in obtaining any advantage. Meaning asking for anything to assist in testing.
- Openly debating or researching who GM play toons are, as well as disclosing to the public/private if you know.
- GMs that are available at the time of disciplinary actions have their own discretion within the rules to enforce. At no time is it allowed to try to play one GM against another to get a lighter penalty.

12: Obtaining the client

Any and ALL discussions public or private on the service about obtaining the client illegally is not allowed. No warnings will be given; this is a strict ban able offense.

13: Raiding

Staff will NOT enforce nor participate in Guild rotation agreements. This needs to be handled by the players (and should already be handled by Instances/Dynamic Zones)

Raiding rules are Free For All, GM's will not babysit guilds, it is up to the active raiding guilds to decide how they wish to engage mobs.(Much like Live).

If users are disrupting other guilds raid activities they will be actioned appropriately. If blatant disregard for rules is displayed by guild members the guild can be disciplined as a whole proportional to the offence. We prefer that GM intervention is not required and stiff penalties will be levied.

For information on Raid instancing rules:
6/1/20 update - Double dipping on Dynamic Zone (DZ) loot during a characters lockout(s) will result in ban. Note that guild leaders and/or DZ leaders are also liable to account action.

14: Rule changes

The server operators reserve the right to change, add, or remove any of these rules. Rule changes will be posted on the forums. Players are required to adhere to these alterations immediately.

15: Excuses for violations

"Role-playing", misinterpretation, or ignorance does not grant license to violate any of these rules.

16: Casinos (added 7/31/2016)

There has been a recent discussion regarding casinos. Player run casinos in any shape or form are not allowed. Casinos are a prime source for enabling RMT, and the negatives of allowing them completely outweigh the positives.

17: Advertisement of the server

We encourage users to tell friends and family about Wayfarer's Haven, we also encourage our users to stream their enjoyable experiences. However we do not allow spamming or malicious advertisements. This includes but is not limited to, advertising in another party's stream. Posting more than 1 post on any forum that allows discussion of another server. Generally posting on a servers forum about another server is considered rude and many times against their policies. Any users found to of been doing this or reported by the community (With reliable proof) will be actioned. This can and will lead to a permanent ban.

18: Account actioning

If your account is actioned for any reason (suspension or ban) players are to understand that no characters on your account is to be logged in for the duration of the actioning.
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Updated NON pop instance rules for clarity. No real change just some things that were posted in other forums made easier to find here.
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