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Patchday 09/11/2022 @ 9am'ish


Staff member
Plane of Time 85/15 aka Piggy Support

Raid leaders, please read and understand how this works.
  • Any player level 65 without flags will be able to zone into PoTimeA - However they will have a 3 Minute kick timer regardless if they are in a raid with the appropriate number of flagged toons.
  • When zoning into PoTime B the active flagged players MUST remain over 85%. If players are dead, or zoned out, they will not count towards this. It is only calculating, Flagged, Unflagged and Total players based on what is in zone.
  • Piggy'd Players will not be able to loot anything except the Time Phases Quintessence from phase 3 and their own corpses.
  • If the flagged % falls below 85% a random unflagged player will be selected and a timer will be started. The raid has 2 minutes to get the in-zone flagged players over 85%. - If the raid goes over 85% the timer will be stopped on the next tick and the player reset. If it drops below again it will select a random player again.
  • Once a player loots the time phase quintessence the flag should be immediate and the next tick they will be counted as a flagged player by the Piggy Script. - It will NOT flag your for any previous zones.
  • It will NOT count towards your free AA's from Gram.

  • Gameplay
    • Fixed grouped mobs running at low health error - (post)
  • Piggy Support - PoTime
  • East Commonlands
    • LDoN Merchants - Added Aggressor's Gauntlets - (post)
    • Removed coin from giant fire beetles - (post)
  • Grobb
    • Removed fallen heroes; removed from our spawn tables but forever in our database - (post)
  • Ikkinz
    • Fixed Vrex Xalkak's Marauder for healer kills - (post)
  • Kunark Dragons
    • Now three day respawns plus variance - (post)
  • MMC LDoN
    • Foul Writher should appear more foul - (post)
  • Muramite Gloves
    • Fixed focus effects - (post)
  • Much Omens Raids, wow