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PatchDay - 01/27/2024 @ 4pm Eastern


Staff member
  • Bugs:
    • Bug-0034 - Stalking Probe is now searchable after learning it.
    • Bug-0073 - Phase Spiders in Dragon Necropolis will no longer proc shadow step per the era.
    • Bug-0076 - Erana Farrel in RCoD will take 2 hours to respawn after handing in the Elder Cloak.
    • Bug-0085 - Troll Berserker Pre Epic 1.5 fixes
    • Bug-0087 - Brother Balatin will now spawn correctly when the Ancient Thin Flute is turned in (Janices mom is familiar with this item).
    • Bug-0098 - Feratha will now flee when low hp
    • Bug-0100 - an_icy_blood_hunter in MIRA/B/C/E have had their models fixed (Live on patcher now)
    • Bug-0126 - A Creating Crates in LDoN's will now act like LDoN Objects
    • Bug-0120 - Spell Dreary Deeds Rune will now have proper spell description
    • Bug-0118 - Ilsin's Mantle now has Sharpshooting III
    • Bug-0112 - Earring of Dragonkin effect details corrected.
    • Bug-0108 - Invis NPC in GukH should no longer attack players if they AoE near it
    • Bug-0106 - Ranger Epic 1.5 Uisima - Updated Sanity Checking
    • Bug-0105 - Severg_ODanos is now findable in PoK
  • Quests
    • HotFixed 1/21/2023
      • Removed emulated zone spin up message for Anguish
      • Zone Cleanup:
        • Akheva
        • Befallen
        • Butcherblock
      • Fix $race Name Callout on a number of quests globally
      • Bug-0076 (See Above)
      • Troll Berserker Epic 1.5 Fixes
      • Bug-0087 (See Above)
      • Many Pally 2.0 fixes and sanity checks
      • More Zkr Epic fixes
      • Fixed Item Scaling on Charms that scale when equipping specific omens gear sets.
      • Bug-106 (See Above)
    • Dragons Prep
  • Source Code
    • Rangers Triple Attack
    • AE Rains no longer have a 22% resist chance
    • Clear Rampage when Clearing Hate List (Fade, Escape, FD) *Note FD Still requires full clear*
    • Tradeskill Clamps released
    • When players trade lore items that they already have, an output with a list of all offending lore items is created.
    • Life taps under 100hp should show the heal component in logging more reliably (note the client still does some filtering, also note that the healing was always done it just didn't report it via log output).