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Patch Notes 08/21/2023 @ 11:30 am eastern


Staff member
  • Quests:
    • Fixed a PKK Bug that was causing the 4th aoe to never go off.
    • Jaggedpine Ranger Epic 1.5 crash fix
    • BIC Riwwi Pit event crash fix
    • Causeway Mage Epic 1.5 crash fix
    • Riftseekers Ranger Epic 2.0 crash fix
    • MPG Paladin Epic adjustments
  • Source (Upstream)
    • Additional adjustments to Guild Window code to prevent crash and backwards compat.
    • Corrected money type case
    • Additional zone logging
    • Instance Reserving checks and balances to prevent stepping on existing instances
    • Fix issue where pet proc damage was not showing up to observers
  • Muramite Proving Grounds
    • Fixed a named mob always dropping rare crafting components
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