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Patch Notes 07-28-2023


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  • Guild Revamp (Neckkola)
    • There may be bugs with this, if you have any please report them so I can push the issues to the dev who is working on this.
    • Focused on v3 client (v2 client is deprecated and while the general guild management functionality should continue to work, no bugs related to it will be addressed)
    • 8 Guild Ranks, can customize their names and permissions
  • Raid Mark Target (Neckkola)
    • Fixed issue with random targets being selected when people zoned out of the raid zone
  • LDoN - Limited Testing completed
    • Prison Break is now available
    • The Curse Reborn is now available
  • Anguish
    • OMM will now spawn a chest with his loot (This is because it is possible to KS him with the charmed pets and cause a corpse poof)
    • Server wide kill notification now properly displays the guild (Assuming the kill shot player has a guild)
  • Omens Armor Quests
    • Fixed edge cases where you may have gotten the incorrect armor types
  • Various
    • Fixed various Saylinks and invalid dialog responses
  • AA
    • Call of the Wild fixed

  • Taskmaster Mirot event should now behave more like you see in the guides
  • Trial of Endurance Updates
  • Riftseekers faction will assist Overlord Mata Muram faction
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