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Patch Notes 05-14-2020

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Patcher Updated - Run It

  • Issue #I0428 - Amulet of the Haven Faction adjustments fixed
  • Issue #I0425 - Xeximoz's Earring effect has been fixed
  • Issue #I0424 - Elemental Grimoire has been fixed
  • Issue #I0419 - Earring of the Frozen Skull Effect has been fixed
  • Issue #I0418 - Wand of Souls effect has been fixed
  • Issue #I0416 - Emerald Novice Long Sword Reverted to non-charm style item (Out of era)
  • Issue #I0409 - Iksars can now wear the legacy Rubicite Breastplate again.
  • Issue #I0408 - Smolder has been fixed
  • Issue #I0405 - Sathir's Wand has been fixed

Expansion Work (Dev Server):
  • Fixed Countless Quests
  • Added tons more tradeskills
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