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Patch Day - 12/19/2023 @ 9:45ish


Staff member
  • Bugs:
    • Despite the confines of a prison, PoJustice is outdoor again
    • Bug-0024 - Mage Epic 1.5 Bug resolved
    • Bug-0031 - Necro Epic 2.0 Mob Cleanup
    • Numerous $name fixes in quest scripts.
  • Source:
    • v3 Barter Support (Basic and may be buggy)
    • Fix /corpse command regression
    • Bug Fix manually summoned npcs so they do not try to path to 0 0 0
    • Invisibility will drop when hit by traps (including sneak/hide)
    • Riposte code parameter fix that caused reversed logic in some cases.
    • Bard invisibility songs breaking every 4th tick resolved