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Patch Day 12/15/2023 @ Rescheduled to 10am


Staff member
  • Bugs:
    • Bug-0009: Dark Bashers Two-Handed Sword will now show stats correctly.
    • Burrower Adjustments for dynamic zone - https://trello.com/c/mnn5x2dM/4-bug-burrower-adjustment-for-dynamic-zones
    • Bug-0022 - SK Epic1.5/2.0 Click no longer numhit limited
    • Bug-0018 - Fixed AA Horses (And regular horses) from being used in many indoor city zones.
    • Bug-0038 - Wiz Omens Rank Familiars fixed % of damage increase to 1-25% variability rather than a 1% fixed.
  • Source:
    • v3 Bazaar Search functionality
    • Bards will no longer get the "did not take hold" messages, since bard songs are repetitive and can have many stacking issues.
    • Fixed a few swarm pets from not attacking
    • Spawn Tables are now instance aware for disabling and enabling spawns.
    • When a lore item is attempted to be traded to someone who already possess the same item, the error message will state what item was blocking the trade (This message will stop on the first item, if there is multiple items it will only return the first one it encounters).
    • In-Game mail can now be sent to the whole guild regardless of guild member size