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Patch Day - 10/12 or 10/13 as time permits


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  • Source
    • Various Crash Fixes
    • See SoS Message improvements
    • LiveLike spell blocked messages are enabled to see stacking issues (Hotfixed)
    • Nadox Pathing issues resolved
    • Eruds Crossing now has a Navmesh for mob pathing
  • Database
    • Corrected Bard Dreams of Thule and Dreams of Ayonae levels and name.
    • Regrua Claws should drop at a higher rate.
    • Dismal Rage Long Sword was corrected
    • Earring of Lushest Foliage Effect corrected
    • Eyepatch of Expert Archery Effect corrected
    • Adjusted Foresight Sash and Drakescale Shield to no longer drop from RCoD mobs
    • Removed Copper Etched items from drop tables
    • Lambent Stone of Focus added to Ungi loottable
    • Hammer of Delusions now procs Euphoria
    • Discordant Scoriae now drops from Murkglider Lingerer and Souldrifter
    • Jymall's Gloves of Frenzy is not must equip to click
    • Translocate spells that should now require Portal Fragments
    • Discord Arrowhead now returns the file used
    • Blade of Vesagran is now 1 Hand Slashing and Instrument mod was changed from 1.7 to 1.9
    • Spell: Calefaction is now Dustdevil
    • Nedaria to Jaggedpine zone heading fixed
    • Dulak Tentacle (sus) bridge pathing should be resolved.
    • Guild Tribute Frency is now Frenzy
    • Simple Universal Suspension tradeskill combine should now work
    • LDoN Low tier charms that boost single stats should have the correct description now
    • Missing Bloodclaw tradeskill combines from the quest Collier's Weapon Treatment are now added
    • Harmony of the Soul can no longer be prematurely combined
    • Note to Metala is no longer using disappearing ink (Now has text)
    • Halloween augs are now tradeable
  • Quests
    • Poison Making Freebie Quest: Uiyaniv Dialog Resolved
    • Druid Epic 1.5 Great Bear should now respond to hail dialog when at the correct step (Does not change functionality)
    • Jewelcraft Freebie Quest: Glirinda Morningbloom dialog corrected
    • Tibor in Draniks Scar had his dialog corrected
    • Zulort will no longer remove faction when turning in your newbie note.
    • Captain Tarief in Shadeweavers should now except Saurek Deathmaw Scales in exchange for Hunter Leather Leggings
  • NPC
    • Regrua Defenders should now roam in their rooms
    • Zordaks Minions no longer summon
    • Bloodfields Named have damage adjusted to be more in-line with comments
    • Tier`Dal Coward level is now variable and damage adjusted
    • Dismal Darkpaw Mystic no longer summons
    • Muridae the Plagued is now undead
  • Encounters
    • Mastery of Subversion - Patrollers should despawn when 300 points are met.
    • Monk 1.5 - The Keeper - Chest will now spawn
    • OMM Loot table was adjusted - See Details https://www.wayfarershaven.com/index.php?threads/omm-should-be-able-to-drop-multiples-of-the-tier-2-armor-vest-amulet-peices.9660/#post-46975
    • Cleric Epic 2.0 Dark Disciple - Should not be able to spawn from their own deaths
    • Mage Epic 2.0 - Order Elemental - Chest will now spawn when appropriate
    • Yxtta Riddle spelling correction
    • Bard 2.0 Alkron Wyrmsong will no longer call you by your Race ID but rather will use your proper race name
    • Shaman Epic 1.5 - Kimm will now despawn
    • Shaman Epic 1.5 - Ancient Megalodon is now a Land Shark
    • Rogue Epic 2.0 - Krill the Blackbleeder no longer has a change to spawn multiple times