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Patch Day 09/14/2023 @ 9am Eastern


Staff member
  • Guild Tribute:
    • Beta of the guild tribute system has been pushed live. Please note that if you set a tribute level above a players level it will not affect them and the guild will not be charged.
      • Example: If you set the tributes to level 70 tributes, anyone under 70 will not gain its ability and will not cost the guild for that tribute even if opted in.
      • However if you set the rank to one higher than level 70, you will see the cost go to 0, since no one is that high of level yet.
    • Please research how to use Guild Tribute as it is not as straight forward as personal tribute and will require the guild leader (or associated rank) to manage it, however players also need to opt-in (and can be forcefully opted out.)
  • Source
    • Upstream:
    • Bard songs will check for skill increases on each pulse now.
    • QuestAPI updates
    • Ensuring that at least 1 pt of damage is done for a corpse to be left, faction to be awarded and xp awarded.
  • Quests
    • Mage Epic 1.5 Cleanup - NC
    • Tykar cleanup
    • Pal 1.0 Mistmoore mob fix
  • Grand Historian quest typo fix