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Patch Day 09/01/2023 @ 8am eastern


Staff member
Synergy has defeated the forces of evil on Kuua and avenged the denizens of Kuua as well as the Talosians that gave their life during the invasion. As they were the second guild to clear OMM, 85/15 has opened up for Anguish. This still requires you to do the Signet quest, but allows you to bypass the MPG trials.

Just like PoTime piggy, you will not be able to loot anything but your own corpse and the Signet Backflag. You will become flagged the moment you loot the backflag and will be granted full loot access in the zone.
Contrary to popular belief and the wording of the quest, there is no zone-wide debuff and never was, so unlike say Demiplane in DoDH you will not have any major debuffs when being piggied in.

  • Trust
    • Enabled 85/15 Anguish
    • Dispell Bug being 10x less of a chance to dispell (was set to 9% instead of 95% due to future spell changes)
    • Ro ports should be fixed
    • Upstream -> Duplicate tracking messages removed on tracking begin.