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Introducing Glitch Coins - Rewards for Server Bug Discovery

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The Beta period for the Glitch Coins showed us there are many bugs still to be found. The volume of Glitch Coins handed out during this time clearly indicated a need to rethink the way we categorized various Bugs. A level 5 missing mob should not be worth four times the amount of Glitch Coins as a missing trash drop.

The Glitch Tech vendor in Plane of Knowledge will not be functional until the LDoN patch. Any Bug Reports created after this initial post are able to receive Glitch Coins. GC for bug reports written and/or approved prior to GC inception will not receive GC.

What Are They?
Since GM tokens are generally reserved for exploits, major bugs and anniversary events Trust has created Glitch Coins (GC) as a new form of reward that will be given to players who have reported valid game errors (mobs, events, quests, items, etc.).

GC differ from GM tokens in that GM tokens are account wide while GC are specific to a character of your choosing at the time the bug report is written.

How Do I Earn One?
GC is earned in varying amounts for each substantial and comprehensive report of a game error with the reporting template. A staff member or associate will reply to new bug reports and indicate how many GC are earned based on the type of bug found and the relevance of the bug. Everquest content (Quests, NPCs, Loot, Tradeskills, etc.) that was released during, takes place mostly in and/or is expected to be accomplished by characters in Planes of Power and newer expansions is considered "relevant" while content released during, takes place mostly in and/or is expected to be accomplished by characters in older expansions is considered "non-relevant".

Trivial - 1 point: A very small portion of the server population is affected by these bugs.
  • Missing or incorrect non-relevant trash NPCs including loot (trash drops or wearable gear), drop rates, faction, spells.
  • Out of era quest drops, or grids (post Rebase release), zone points turned around, things along that line.
  • Incorrect non-relevant item or equipment stats.
  • Trade-skill combines (trivials/components/containers) that were introduced in a non-relevant expansion.
  • Incoming era changes.

Minor - 2 to 3 points: Affects game-play but in a minor way it'd be really nice if it were fixed but not really a problem if it were never fixed.
  • Missing or incorrect non-relevant Quests or Quest NPCs including Quest items or Quest drops (only if it is the only NPC that can drop the Quest item otherwise it will be considered a Trivial trash NPC).
  • Missing or incorrect relevant trash NPCs or irrelevant Raid NPCs including loot, drop rates, faction, spells.
  • In-era quest rewards, non-trash drops, quests/quest errors.
  • Incorrect relevant item or equipment stats.
  • Trade-skill combines (trivials/components/containers) that were introduced in a relevant expansion.

Moderate - 4 to 5 points: Affects gameplay in an annoying way that would be really nice if it were fixed for a majority of the server.
  • Missing or incorrect relevant Quests or Quest NPCs including Quest items or drops (only if it is the only NPC that can drop the Quest item otherwise it will be considered a Minor trash NPC).
  • Missing or incorrect relevant Raid NPCs. Minor issues such as min/max damage fall under Trivial.
  • Egregious errors such as a level 1 NPC hitting for 500 damage or casting Ice Comet (if it should not).

Critical - 6+ points: Exploit level bugs.
  • Finding a way to kill a mob without any danger to themselves.
  • Tradeskill exploits.
  • Item or Plat duping.

Special - Varies: Some bugs just do not fall into predefined categories.

GC is not earned for:
-Incorrect bug reports
-A valid bug report that someone else has already posted
-Spelling or grammar errors
-Obviously shorting a report of information so that you can create another report and earn additional GC (staff discretion)
-Something incorrect in Allaclone that is working correctly in-game
-A bug report that requires staff to dig through provided evidence to find the actual proof; make it clear
-A report that is dis-proven due to changes within era (for example, evidence is found that a mob should summon in 2003 but another poster finds it was removed in early 2005)
-Reporting the same issue that staff stated was fixed; just reply to the original report stating what we did wrong

What Can I Trade Them For?
GC's can be traded for many items that "Glitch Tech" the Bug Vendor has to sell. These items will be mostly unique and not offered anywhere else in the game. There are no reimbursements for items purchased with GC and they will not be moved once purchased. Currency will also not be transferred between toons.

How Do I Apply Them To My Account?
Once a Bug Report has been approved (but not necessarily implemented) a GM will add the GC to Vhanna White in PoK. Following her dialogue the appropriate amount of times will reward the GC to the player (they stack to 1000). Once in your inventory highlight the Glitch Coins line and click the Reclaim button on the Alt. Currency tab to add them to that character's account. Right clicking Glitch Tech will allow you to see what he sells and for how many GC.

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Glitch Coin full release. There could be additional examples of Bugs added over time as new, interesting errors are found.

Keep Glitch Coin that was previously awarded during the Beta release. That data was invaluable in telling the staff just how many issues there still are. Updated categories should be a bit more fair in how Glitch Coin is awarded. No more will missing level 12 NPCs be worth four times the GC as a Raid Mob drop rate change.


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Removed reference to #issue as that command was retired in the 9/27/2021 patch.


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Added new criteria for No GC Award (reporting same issue). We make mistakes when implementing fixes - if there was a fix we missed or it doesn't work as it should please reply to the original report.
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