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Grimling Final War Walk-through


I am posting info for this for the server publicly because the info on it is incredibly hard to find....it is the 1.0 pre-revamp war. It has post revamp loot because we have 0 info on what original loot was.(If it could be found I would add it) The real loot from this event is the key that allows you access to Inner AC.

The War is initiated by giving General Staginar the Golden Medal of the Shar Vahl from the previous raid. There is also a second way to initiate this one by rounding up 10 items (mostly body parts from named Grimlings in and around Acrylia Caverns), and combining them in a chest.

You say, 'Hail, General Staginar'

General Staginar says 'Greetings, Uban. Are you here to serve in the war against the grimling horde?

You say, 'I will serve in the war'

General Staginar says 'As you probably know, we've been battling the grunts for nearly a generation now. They have proven to be a challenging opponent. We've inflicted great casualties upon their kind in this war, yet somehow, they seem to grow even more numerous. Barring some miracle, they will become a serious threat to Shar Vahl very soon. One remaining strategy has a chance of bringing us victory, but none have met the requirements for its implementation.

You say, 'What requirements?'

General Staginar says 'Our intelligence has provided us with some information about the enemy. They blindly follow a being they refer to as 'the master'. Our high spiritists have sensed a powerful presence from the caverns beyond our mines, but only those who possess a special key can venture there. None who have obtained the key and ventured into the caverns have been seen alive again.

You say, 'What special key?'

General Staginar says 'The grimling high commander holds half of a magical acrylia obelisk that will transport the wielder to their master's stronghold. I have slain the high commander who held the other half of the obelisk and I have the knowledge of it's construction. I will only give it to one who has proven to be a powerful soldier, for nothing less would stand a chance against the enemy ruler.

You say, 'What high commander'

General Staginar says 'The grimling high commander will only appear if their compound to the north is overrun. There are two encampments near the compound that will need to be invaded as well in order to secure the area. It is a very complex mission and I will only authorize you to lead it if you have demonstrated competence. Serve our people by successfully completing the lesser raids here in the forest. Bring me the Golden Medal of the Shar Vahl as proof of your prowess, or, if you are already at least as powerful as I am, there is another test that will give me confidence in your abilities.

You say, 'What test'

General Staginar says 'If you are less experienced than I am, performing this task will gain you nothing. With that in mind, take this box and venture through the mines and into the caverns. Combine in it Gooplart's tooth, Gizgargank's scalp, Grikplag's skull, Gnildaria's eye, Gnerpokkel's heart, Gilgaplank's toes, the husk of the summoned burrower, and the shackles of a Vah Shir captive. Return to me with the Box of the Hero of Shar Vahl and I will send a team of our veterans to escort you into battle.

You get a Box of the General's Challenge (7 slot container)

You must now protect four NPCs at two different camps. After the war is initiated you must follow 4 veterans(2 per camp) and assault the two platforms outside acryia caverns as well as the fort(Northeast of AC entrance). There are approximately 35-40 level 40 to 45 Grimlings stationed here. Then there are then waves of 5 Grimlings and 10 Grimlings every minute with lots a dangerous casters at each camp. AC is the main camp where two 5 Grimling waves will be spawning. They will keep coming until the High Commander is killed and his arm handed in(To Veteran Cullin). Anywhere from 5-30+ minutes the High Commander can spawn.