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7th Anniversary Events!


Staff member
This year is a bit of a toned down anniversary event, with the changes to how the login servers work to allow the public EQEmu and PEQ login servers, its possible that some players do not have forum accounts.

There are 3 quests.
- the Everquest Live 6th Anniversary (Kunark) scavenger hunt (Awards an XP Pot and shard for the final reward)
- Trusts Quiz Game in PoK (Awards a shard for the final reward)
- Taians Vomit Comet Velks run (Awards a shard for the final reward)

Final reward is managed through Sara Saturday in PoK, this final item is treated as standard currency (Similar to Glitch Coins and AA Tokens). The Items are a pool of all previous Anniversary items, this can be done on each toon! (Which is why its a shorter quest chain overall).

- FABLED are here!
- Antonica and Faydwer Only (Classic)
- Fabled are not a guaranteed spawn
- Fabled are not guaranteed to drop fabled items.