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  1. Trust

    Patch Notes 2/3/2023 - READ THIS

    This is pushed to Friday due to other engagements keeping me busy.
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    Patch Notes 2/3/2023 - READ THIS

    Starting on Feb 1st we are going to patch in some additional custom client fixes. These are intended to fix a major outstanding client side bug that people have hated over the years. However because this is a custom written code it can cause a few complications, mostly around overly zealous...
  3. Trust

    Patchnotes - 01/31/2023

    Patch Client - Rebase has been generally good this round. Lots of mini on the fly fixes, but here are some notable fixes. Trust: Invis Fixes - General, mostly bards Bard Exploit Fix (Go Figure) Bard beneficial songs when targeting mobs under 47 % based chance for see invis fixed Inability to...
  4. Trust

    Patchday 01/26/2023 - Rebase

    On 01/26 there will be a large patch, Most of this will be source code updates, and backend fixes and management features. This code is currently available on the test server, however as has been in the past, it is possible that over the 24-48 hours after this patch is released, if there is...
  5. Trust

    Patchday 12/1/22 @ 12:45pm Eastern

    Trust: Starting Rebase work to catch up on all code Regent: Items Phlogiston Longbow Aug now fits range items - real-time issue Spells Timestone Adorned Ring click effect corrected - (post) Added missing Levitation recipe - (post) Tradeskills Corrected trivials on many items - (post)...
  6. Trust

    Patchday 10/24/2022 @ - 9am

    Trust: LDoN - Seperate Hard and Normal point rewards and adjust to the more era correct (Gates) values Few mischief fixes Random quest fixed from bug notifications in discord. Regent: Items Runed Shell Necklace drops with 5 charges - (post) Grandmaster Medicine Bag now craftable and all GM...
  7. Trust

    Patchday 09/11/2022 @ 9am'ish

    Plane of Time 85/15 aka Piggy Support Raid leaders, please read and understand how this works. Any player level 65 without flags will be able to zone into PoTimeA - However they will have a 3 Minute kick timer regardless if they are in a raid with the appropriate number of flagged toons. When...
  8. Trust

    Patchday 08/22/2022 @ 8:30am'ish

    Trust: Gates: Many NPC's have had coin added to their loot tables. Rogues Rejoice Tacvi: Fixed ZMYV Charm, was not properly hitting all 6 possible players Togiran Mines Taskmaster Luga event should work properly - (post) Source Added some missing bits for some enhanced guild discord...
  9. Trust

    Patchday 07-28-2022

    Trust: Omens Stuffs Code: Updated loot code to help resolve an edge case where an item with a higher % to drop is first in the drop table list, it is skewed to drop at a higher % than its intended drop rate. This is rarely noticed as most raid events have an equal percentage on the drops as...
  10. Trust

    Patchday 7-20-2022 @ 8:30am ish eastern

    Patch your Client Trust: Reverted Frenzied Devastation from the test data that was mistakenly pushed. This spell is not yet fixed but is in the previous form we had. Regent: Quests Cabilis Beastlord Claw quests 1-6 fully implemented - (post) City of Mist has new mobs and loot Behemoth...
  11. Trust

    Patchday - 07/17/2022 @ 9am'ish Eastern

    Patch your Client Trust: Sebilis Trakanon Idol should go on keyring again - real-time issue Code Pick Pocket should only work on specific body types and nothing that is wielded. - Allowed Body Types are, Humanoid, Monster, Giant and Lycanthrope (Note this is what sony has actually tagged...
  12. Trust

    Patchday 07/02/2022 @ 10am Eastern'ish

    Patch your Client Trust: UINT8 overflow 259 items with resist mods updated - (post1, post2) Trakanon's Teeth Sebilis orb should no longer boot players to TT zoneline when holding the key on your cursor for first click in - (post) EQEmu Upstream Boat FixZ Memory leak fixes Simulate...
  13. Trust

    Patchday 06/27/2022 @ 730am Eastern 'ish

    Trust: Instances: After monitoring how primary raid target rotations have been going, we have decided to enable the instances for high value progression targets. To startup an Inktuta raid, the raid requestor MUST have the Cynosure lockout (Just the requestor, not the whole raid). Qvic...
  14. Trust

    Patchday 6/13/2022 @ 8:30am Eastern

    Patch your Client Trust: Guild-specific Instances Old Velious and Luclin guild-specific instances have been removed. The zones that previously were guild-specific instances are now free-for-all zones. Any characters camped in a guild-specific instance was moved to the same location in the...
  15. Trust

    Patchday - 06-07-2022 @ 8:30 am'ish

    Fixed Split Message Fixed Secret Dawn Saber
  16. Trust

    Patchday - 06-05-2022 @ 9am'ish

    Patch your Client: Trust: Bonus XP Weekend Adjustments: Bonus XP is now a Flat bonus, not variable It no longer caps at level 60 When Bonus XP is enabled it will apply to both XP and AAXP You will get a message stating that you are getting XP With a Bonus (Live like notice) This will NOT...
  17. Trust

    Patchday - 06-03-2022 @ 9am'ish

    Patch your Client Trust: Code Catchup from EQEmu Master Code: Blocked error "Item 0 does not exist" on specific gates combines. ( post ) You can no longer bind wounds or forage while mounted ( post ) Bash when using 2 handers and having the 2 hand bash AA will now properly use your shoulder...
  18. Trust

    Patchday - 05-10-2022 @ 7:30am'ish Eastern

    Fix to taunt not working. Expect a 50-70% max skill taunt rate from a 65 against a 70, which lowered amount for rates above that. This is not 100% what is outlined in by live gm's in 2006, but feels better. a 2-8% success chance on 65 against 71/72 mobs (raid mobs) seems crap. Fix Blocked...
  19. Trust

    Patch Day - 05-09-2022 @ 8am'ish eastern

    Patch your Client Trust: Tunat Work LAA Fixes HoTT required LAA to function regardless of Custom UI used Reverted due to a crash bug for the time being. Target Buff window requires LAA Rank 1 for any target including friendlies. Items Hammer of Delusions has the correct era spell now...
  20. Trust

    Patchday - 4/18/2022 9am'ish

    Patch your Client Trust: Spells Hand of Ro slot 2 moved to slot 7 - (forum post) Tacvi Spells are now fully scripted rather than relying on MobAI Haste is only casted during Tunat Illusion phases (removed from MobAI) Huffin: Tacvi Real PXK (and tunat 90% phase) an_ukun_manasipper...