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  1. Trust

    Patchday - 5/2/2021 @ 9am

    Patchday: Trust: LDoN Stuffs Everfrost Peaks Updated mesh around geometry resulting in exploitative mob pathing - (forum post) Regent: Spells Draught of Lightning now no drop - (forum post) Tradeskills Updated components for Spell: Minor Summoning Air - (forum post) Updated Hardened...
  2. Trust

    XP Rules (AK Style)

    How the AK Style XP Works Because of the recent confusion, i will break down how the EXP rules work. People see this floating around: 1 member - 100% / 1 = 100% 2 members - 120% / 2 = 60% 3 members - 140% / 3 = 46.7% 4 members - 220% / 4 = 55% 5 members - 260% / 5 = 52% 6 members - 260%...
  3. Trust

    Patchday 4/4/2021 - @ 9am Eastern

    Patchday - More notes to be added Trust: LDoN Stuffs ---- NOT LIVE Regent: Quests Updated Staff of the Spiritcharmer (Troll/Sham newbie quest) stats to era-accurate - (forum post) Updated Bravefoot Short Sword (Halfling/Paladin newbie quest) stats to era-accurate - (forum post) Updated...
  4. Trust

    Patchday 2/28/21 @ 10AM Eastern

    On behalf of all the current and previous staff, I would like to say thank you for a wonderful 6 years! Anniversary Quests will be enabled on server up. Trust: LDoN Stuffs Tradeskills Fixed Ethereal Sheets/Rings bug - (forum post) Corpse updates Corpses Rot = 7 Days Total Corpse...
  5. Trust

    Patchday 02-21-2021 @ 10AM Eastern

    Trust: LDoN Stuffs (Not Live) Regent: Appearance Thunderous Drum of Karana has a new (old) graphic - (forum post) 61+ Mage Pets Slightly tuned - (forum post) Bastion of Thunder Increased Lightning Sphere drop rate slightly - (Issue #1119) Butcherblock Mountains Green Goblin heads and...
  6. Trust

    6 Year Anniversary Events - 02/27/2021

    Well.... it has been 6 years! I can't even believe that when I started playing here and the shortly later became a staff member. If you would of asked me what I would be working on in 6 years, no way I would of said one of the top 5 popular eqemu private servers. This is a collaborative project...
  7. Trust

    PatchDay 02/06/2021 @ 10AM - EXTENDED OUTAGE

    Reverted MAJOR Patch day - Patch + REBASE Expect a few hours of downtime and some random patches for the next few days. I will be implementing the rebase code, there is a few things that need to be understood, this is over 2 years of backlogged patches and adjustments, this also includes many...
  8. Trust

    Patchday 1/30/21 @ 10am eastern

    Patch Notes! (Trust - Why do we keep him around?): Alchemy now has a cap of 200 Veeshans Peak now only requires level 50 (and the key) SCR/SCM no longer extends DA/DB/HarmShield (Any invuln) Buys more legos when someone asks about LDoN (Regent - Never asks for consent): Global Loot Added...
  9. Trust

    Patchday 01/09/2021 @ 9am Eastern

    Patch Day! (Trust): Client Side Fixed v3 error text on gaining level 10 - Related to a note about how items will now stay on your corpse. Updated on patcher (Hotfixed) Fixed Spell Description for Primal Guard (Issue #840) HoHonorA Events now have proper 1 hour replay timer. (Issue #963)...
  10. Trust

    Patch Day - 12/20/2020 @ 10am Eastern

    (Trust): Plane of Fear Zone repops when Cazic Thule spawns - (forum post) Items Arch magus Grimoire and Phantasmal Tome should be fixed now. (Regent): Zonewide Drops - Bottle of Adventure I Non-shared Bottle of Adventure I now drop EXTREMELY rarely in less used PoP and LoY zones For the...
  11. Trust

    Patch Day 12-05-2020 @ 10AM Eastern

    (Trust): Kaladim Updated Underfoot Defenders Claymore to era stats - (forum post) Started complete code rebase against EQEmu Master code to resolve ongoing issues with LDoN development (Scaling code) (Regent): Akanon Fixed Gnome caster final reward from progression charm to era-correct...
  12. Trust

    PatchDay 11/22/2020 @ 9am Eastern

    Patcher is Updated - Run it (Trust): Database New function to allow for zonewide drops instead of per mob Emerald Jungle Shaman 1.0 quest turnin fix - (Issue XXX) Dragon Nec Fixed some visible traps Issue #757 SolDungC Kobalds now honor the faction levels - No longer upset if you are...
  13. Trust

    Patchday 11-1-2020 @ 9am eastern (ugh daylight savings time)

    (Trust): Among Us and LEGOs instead of Halloween Events and LDoN Shrank Quarm a bit to help prevent some buggyness with placement. (Regent): Tradeskills Added 42 recipes for Ogre Newbie Quest combines. Added 42 recipes for Good Erudite Newbie Quest combines. Added 42 recipes for Barbarian...
  14. Trust

    Patchday - 10/4/2020 @ AM'ish (maybe 10) Eastern

    Patchday -- Run Patcher (Posted) (Trust): Corpse updates Corpses Rot = 7 Days Total Corpse Rezability 3 hours of account CLE time Corpses can be rezzed multiple times, however only the first rez will give any xp back and each rez even with no XP will provide rez effects. PoTimeB Quarm...
  15. Trust

    Patch Day 9/19/20 @ 12:20 AM Eastern

    Patch Day 9/19/20 @ 12:20AM Eastern PATCHER IS UPDATED - Both Clients (Trust): Turtle Doves, Flowers and Bells have been added to a new zone accessible via PoKnowledge and by GM Invitation only. (Regent): Tradeskills Added recipes for Koada'Dal, Feir'Dal and Teir'Dal needles (forum post)...
  16. Trust

    Patch Day 9/6/2020 - AM Sometime

    Patchday 9/6/2020 AM Sometime (Trust): Plane of Time B Corrected Vallon Zeks tether mechanics Tim Deep Test of Patience Re-written (forum post) West Karana Hollow Skull quest was cleaned up to be more accurate (forum post) Gunthak Temp and Eth Cleansing quests should be fixed for...
  17. Trust

    Wayfarers Haven Client v3

    Wayfarers Haven Client v3 Link to Download --> >HERE< Alt Download -------> >HERE< You are NOT required to use v3, you can continue to use v2 with the continued functionality you have, honestly we would of never even considered changing if it wasn't for the Spin Stun bug the client has...
  18. Trust

    Patch Day 08/22/2020

    Patch Day (Trust): Client v3 Pre Air and Earth events now have proper memblur where in some cases the blur would fail when it should of fired. (Regent): Ssrazhzheadadjfza Temple A_shissar_spiritward was mistakenly made immune to magic instead of immune to flee. Swapped. (Huffin)...
  19. Trust

    Patch Day 08/16/2020 @ 10am Eastern

    Hotfixed Gakamenial_Fir`Disralsi increase respawn timer Queen_Silandria increase respawn timer Rinturion_Windblade increase respawn timer Arch_Mage_Alchtonion increase respawn timer
  20. Trust

    Patch Day 08/16/2020 @ 10am Eastern

    PatchDay - Patcher has been updated with new spell files for Mainline Client and Those people testing out the beta clietn. (Trust): Issue #I0718 - Gulf of Gunthak - Xoomix spawn location fixed Issue #I0717 - Gulf of Gunthak - Walker Stormfyre spawn location fixed Issue #I0715 - SolDungB zone...