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Welcome to Wayfarers Haven. If you already had a Project 2002 account, it has been fully migrated and you can log in using it without registering for a new account. If you are new to the servers, Please Join us in our Haven!

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  1. Trust

    Changelog XX/XX/XXXX

    Patch - XX/XX/20XX - Server Rules Issue #F6350 - Worn HP Regen has been correctly updated to 35 for our era. (Hotfixed) Database Items Issue #XXX - Database Spells Issue #XXX - Database NPC Issue #F6406 - Amalgamation of Honor's Spirits - Faction was not correctly linked for Battalion...
  2. Trust

    Changelog 11/25/2019

    Patch - 11/25/2019 - UPDATE REQUIRED Events Turkey Day Prep Database Items Issue #XXX - Shoes of Fleeting Fury - Corrected Stats - Too much Spell Shield Issue #XXX - Earring of Unseen Horrors - Corrected Stats - Too much Stun Resist Issue #XXX - Shield of Strife - Corrected Stats - Added...
  3. Trust

    Changelog - 11/16/2019

    Patch - 11/16/2019 -- PATCH REQUIRED Database Items Issue #XXX - Shroud of Provocation - Updated Stats: Issue #XXX - Gloves of the Unseen - Updated Stats: Issue #XXX - Shoes of Fleeting Fury - Updated Stats: Issue #XXX - Earring of Unseen Horrors - Updated stats and added Stun...
  4. Trust

    Changelog 11/09/2019

    Oh Yea Spells Paragon of Spirit can now be MGB'd
  5. Trust

    Changelog 11/09/2019

    Patch - 11/09/2019 -- PATCH IS REQUIRED Database Items Issue #F5992 - Corrected Temporal Chainmail Sleeves missing effect: Issue #F6275 - Corrected Dwarven Plate Greaves (Non Brell) to have the correct trivial range Issue #F6293 - Corrected Hopebringer to have 5% strikethrough: Issue #F6299...
  6. Trust

    Patch - 09/08/2019

    Just because some people think gambling in game is not serious, to some it can be. NATIONAL PROBLEM GAMBLING HELPLINE 1-800-522-4700
  7. Trust

    Patch - 09/08/2019

    Patch - 09/08/2019 CASINO ROYALE! The Casino has been added! Take a look in Shadowhaven and don't lose all of your coin! Below are just a sample of the items: Hero Sandwich Gnome Sandwich Gnome Kabobs Holy Cake Black Marble Crushed Black Marble Flawless Diamond Pristine Emerald Crushed...
  8. Trust

    Welcome to the Haven!

    I want to welcome everyone to the Haven. Firstly I want to ensure everyone that nothing is changing from how it was. I have been with the community as a staff member for 3.5 years now, where Project 2002 has existed for nearly 3.75 years (Don't Quote me on the exact time-frames). During this...
  9. Trust

    Changelog - 06/01/2019

    Patch - 06/01/2019 Database Items Issue #XXXX - Spool of Woven time has been corrected to its in-era stats/effects - Issue #XXXX - Silver Hoop of Speed has been correct to its in-era stats/effects - Issue #1337 - Dumul's Bracer of the Brute - Stats have been corrected as they were...
  10. Trust

    Patch - 04/30/2019

    Patch - 04/30/2019 Run Patcher - Spell File Update Code Issue #XXX - Suspend Minion Patch (PEQ Assist) Database Items Issue #24-5991 - Bow of Tempest (27818) has had stats corrected to era - Issue #24-6024 - Cord of Potential (15881) has had stats corrected to era - Database NPC...
  11. Trust

    AFK Leveling Prohibited

    AFK Leveling Prohibited Unfortunately due to many recent and not so recent users abusing IP Exemptions and "RDP Boxers" using their means to essentially box more than 3. Staff has decided to prohibit AFK leveling. This means, going forward if you plan on being AFK for more than 10 minutes, you...
  12. Trust

    Changelog 02/10/2019

    Patch Day 02/10/2019 Code Improvement - GM Only Update, adds some guide/gm functions to assist with daily tasks. Issue #XXXX - Pet Fixes Database Items Issue #XXXX - Padded Tigerskin Gloves has been corrected to their era stats - Issue #XXXX - Circlet of the Victor has been corrected...
  13. Trust

    Changelog 02/04/19

    Patch Day 02/04/2019 New format, as I make changes, they will be posted in an "Upcoming Changes" post and when it goes live, it will be edited to reflect the patch date. This allows people to see whats fixed and whats on the way. Issue #XXXX = Forum bug report or brought up to me in game. If...
  14. Trust

    Changelog 1/31/19

    Patch Day 01/31/2019 @ 9pm Eastern Code Issue #1229 - Fixed Green Flee Ping Pong Issue #xxxx - Fixed Bard Group Dispel (For Reals this time I merged it) Issue #1179 - Fixed Suspend Minion On Test, applied it to live (Should fix it /crosses fingers) Database Issue #1021 - Ston Trigger on...
  15. Trust

    Changelog 1/30/19

    Patcher was updated with new spell file Database * PoTimeB CT/Bert no longer tether. * Fixed Protection of the Wild should no longer have stacking issues (And much rejoicing) * More fixes that I have to dig up and will update here. Source * Added a rule for bard aggro cap to allow easier...
  16. Trust

    Guild Instances and PoP PuG Raid Requirements UPDATE

    Instances are for raiding only, ZEMS will be reduced in Instances and no non raid named will spawn in instances....ie Shissar Mystic will not spawn in SSRA instance Zones that will be available for instance content will be: TOV/Sleepers/Ssra/VT/Inner AC/Seru Inner Arx No Instance: Plane of...
  17. Trust

    Patch Day - 05/08/2018

    Patch Day 05/08/2018 Code [Pathing] NAVMESH IS HERE! Everyone needs to thank EQEmu @KLS for his amazing work on bringing to us the next generation pathing. zones now have an entire mesh that defines alloweable pathing surfaces. There will be some issues here and there, if you find one...
  18. Trust

    Patch Day - 05/01/2018

    Patch Day 05/01/2018 Code [General] Mob fleeing no longer happens while friends are around. [Trust] [Bug Fix] Fixed AA Sanity check so you can now AA at level 51 instead of 52. [Trust] [Bug Fix] Mind Wrack will now work on mobs that are out of mana. It will also fail at the beginning...
  19. Trust

    4/24/18 Patch

    Patch Day 4/24/2018 Code Fixed Game Breaking Grammar Issue with /split [Trust] Fixed TGB to also buff self when target group has 6 members [Trust] Mob Spell AI Revamp -- Original Commit by Mackal EQEMU, Implementation to P2k and Tweaks by Trust UCS Overhaul (In Prep for removal of Global...
  20. Trust

    P2002 Version 3 Details - 8/8/17