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  1. Trust

    Patch Notes - 05-30-2020

    Patch Notes - 05-30-2020 --- LoY Release PATCH NOTES for 5/30/2020 Including: New Enhanced Dynamic Zone System! New Playable Race: Froglok! Dyeable armor New armor slot: Charms 5 New zones Fixes: Issue #I0420 - Leather BPs is now Quarms only loot for Unity Raids. Issue #I0482 - Belt of...
  2. Trust

    The Legacy has Begun - LoY Release Date - 5/30/2020

    ADDITIONAL PATCH NOTES for 5/30/2020
  3. Trust

    The Legacy has Begun - LoY Release Date - 5/30/2020

    The Theft of Grozmok Proportions: An unnatural fog fills the small cove. It brings with it a numbing quiet, which is only broken by the rhythmic sound of waves washing against the shore and slapping the hulls of several small wooden skiffs. The cove is devoid of life, since most of its...
  4. Trust

    Patch Notes 05-14-2020

    Patcher Updated - Run It Database: Issue #I0428 - Amulet of the Haven Faction adjustments fixed Issue #I0425 - Xeximoz's Earring effect has been fixed Issue #I0424 - Elemental Grimoire has been fixed Issue #I0419 - Earring of the Frozen Skull Effect has been fixed Issue #I0418 - Wand of Souls...
  5. Trust

    Patch Notes 5-11-2020

    Patcher Updated - Run It Code: Added the code back for casting pet buffs to not require them to be targeted Undead will no longer flee at low hp Database: Issue #I0345 - A Book of Dark Bindings should work for research combines now. Issue #I0400 - Innovators Hammer Proc is Fixed Issue...
  6. Trust

    Patch for the Patch to fix the Patch

    Here are some but not all of the fixes. EB Items fixed Shared Bank spell desync fixed Fixed some, but apparently not all items from casting in the inventory that shouldnt Trader bags are no longer NoTrade Fixed Gnomish Recharge kits for the 38671236th time Waterstones Fixed Spell: Mark of...
  7. Trust

    Patch Day - Saturday May 2nd, 2020 @ 10AM Eastern

    Oh Yea, we adjused GravFlux so it hopefully wont body everyone.
  8. Trust

    Patch Day - Saturday May 2nd, 2020 @ 10AM Eastern

    Patch Day - May 2nd, 2020 @ 10AM Eastern - Possibly an extended downtime. Run Patcher as Usual Code Complete Inventory code revamp (EQEmu) What does this mean? Essentially it corrected some issues with the way the inventory system handles specific slots that were kinda hacky. You should...
  9. Trust

    Bard Kiting

    This need a bump, and is starting to be abused again - We will start taking action on anyone abusing this rule again.
  10. Trust

    Patch Day - 04-19-2020 @ 10AM

    Spell File Updated - Please run the patcher on patchday. Database -[Trust] Issue #I0226 - Fixed Some Dogs in Karnor's from giving the incorrect faction hit Issue #F6659 - Fixed issue with Dire Charm and Eldrich Rune sharing the same timer set Issue #XXXX - PoValor - Lieutenant Junis Bolarin...
  11. Trust

    Patchday - 04-11-2020

    Spell File Updated - Please run the patcher on patchday. Feature Shadow Rest is live - The Keeper of Lost Souls will return any corpses that have rotted. (Hot Added) Database -[Trust] Issue #I0173 - Fixed Grammatical Error on ShadowRest NPC Issue #F6617 - Glowing Orb should now drop with...
  12. Trust

    Patchday - 3-29-2020

    Patchday - 3-29-2020 @ 10am Eastern - Downtime 15-30minutes PATCH REQUIRED - Run the Patcher! Database Issue #F6380 - Praetorian Myral showing the DA hammer graphic even after being disarmed. Issue #F6410 - Bottomless Box has been added to a number of NPC's in Luclin with a very low drop...
  13. Trust

    Patchday 3-24-2020

    Code Pets Fixed the very broken /pet stop -- Shame on you on those who used it. Logs were checked and anyone known to abuse this bug have received a soulmark on their account. Updated pet hatelist to utilize the Post Luclin'ish hate system. There is a 0.01% chance on a raid Sylvanas will be...
  14. Trust

    Patchday 3-6-2020

    Database Issue #XXXX - PoInnovation - Bugs that are part of the MB Event no longer provide XP. Feature Update: Plane of Mischief's portal has been moved to Great Divide. PoM's Cobalt Scar tree/port has moved to its v2 location. Nerfed Sylvanas DPS by 30% Code Feature Update: Potion Belt is...
  15. Trust

    Patch - 03-02-2020 - AM

    Spell File Updated - Please Patch Database Issue #F6531 - Explorer Gamus was removed from Veksar... Then Re-Added... Then a PH was added.. Just read the thread ;) Issue #I105 - PoTimeB Tallon Zek enrages as he should Issue #I102 - Bard Items with Singing Mods now correctly show the singing...
  16. Trust

    Changelog 2/17/2020 - PoP Tier Two/Three (Hotfix)

    Planes of Power access - Planes of Power has provided us with valuable insight into the group and guild dynamics that are involved in large scale games. The way that we had expected guilds to advance through the story of Planes of Power has become a problem for some guilds as some members have...
  17. Trust

    Changelog 2/15/2020 - Veksar Open

    New Spell File - Run Patcher Since the rediscovery of the lands of Kunark, there have been rumors springing from the ancient lore of the Iksar. Most of those rumors remain unfounded, as gaining access to the lore of the insular Iksar is no easy task. One of the most persistent legends is about...
  18. Trust

    Changelog - 02/01/2020

    New Spell File and DBSTR File - Run Patcher Database Issue #I48 - Fixed Hidden NPC's in Dragon Nec that were still showing their names Issue #I47 - Fixed Hidden NPC's in West Waste that were still showing their names Issue #XXXX - Fixed Quick Damage so it actually works Issue #I49/50 - Fixed...
  19. Trust


    UPDATED: 12-19-2019 https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1xqhkvCsx0nsG3HAKIFChVhkALJxbPnNVDuG1UUARJj0/edit#gid=0
  20. Trust

    Changelog 01/03/2020

    Patch - 01/03/2020 Server Rules Issue #F6350 - Worn HP Regen has been correctly updated to 35 for our era. (Hotfixed) Database NPC Issue #F6406 - Amalgamation of Honor's Spirits - Faction was not correctly linked for Battalion of Marr Issue #F6391 - a sonic pup/a sonic wolfling - Will now...